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To offer our clients, non-profit organizations of all sizes, a “One-Stop-Shop” experience that transforms the world of fundraising, while remaining devoted to their success.


Ace The Event’s mission is to deliver our clients A Captivating Experience from start to finish by supplying knowledgeable guidance during event preparation, leading event day with ACE’s values in mind, and providing exceptional customer service.


Lead with Integrity & Compassion

Integrity is at the base of all we do! ACE expects honesty, reliability, and respect at all times. Whether interacting with a client or guest, or leading teammates and volunteers, it’s essential to show professionalism and kindness in how you conduct yourself. Compassion also builds trust and connections – it may look like actively listening before responding, encouraging your team, or supporting those around you to succeed.

Have a Heart for Service

The ACE team’s purpose all comes down to service. We desire for our clients to feel like Kings & Queens through their event process – entrusting responsibilities to our team to help their event operate smoothly. We have the best interest for the client at heart and should always keep in mind that every organization is rallying for their cause, and we are lucky to be a part of it!

Exercise "GRACE"






Lastly, We Ask Our Team to Be Diligent in All Things

Put your best foot forward and give it all you’ve got! Whether the task is big or small, do your best in all circumstances.

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