Introduction to Classy Live

What is Classy Live?


Classy is a software company that provides online fundraising tools and resources for nonprofit organizations. Their platform enables nonprofits to create customized fundraising campaigns, manage donations, and engage with supporters.

Classy Live can power your virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences and increase supporter engagement. Unlike traditional fundraising platforms, Classy Live goes beyond simple donation processing by offering a dynamic and interactive experience for both hosts and donors. From virtual galas and charity auctions to live performances and panel discussions, Classy Live provides non-profits with the tools they need to create memorable and impactful events.

Classy Live Covers The Bases With These Traditional Features: 

      • Ticketing & Registration

      • Silent Auction landing page

      • Mobile Auctions

      • Selling fixed-priced items

      • Text-to-donate feature

      • Virtual events 

    Plus These Outstanding Unique Features:

    Live Streaming Integration

    Stream your live programming, encourage engagement with other attendees, and facilitate fundraising within your virtual venue experience for guests who can’t make it physically.

    Peer-To-Peer Giving

    Empower supporters to fundraise on your behalf with world-class peer-to-peer tools. Knowing that 4 out of 5 donors who contribute to a peer-to-peer campaign on Classy are completely new to the organization, your acquisition potential is limitless.

    Interactive Elements Such as Recurring Giving

    Reimagine your fundraising strategy with recurring donations that have the potential to fuel your cause for the long term. Accept recurring donations on a daily, weekly bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis to put the choice in your donors’ hands.

    Digital Check In Solutions

    Classy Live offers unique features such as being able to send QR codes out in advance of your event to easily check in your attendees via mobile or desktop check-in. Customize your attendee experience from the agenda, to branding, to the sections of the virtual event venue they see and use.


    Now That We’ve Covered the Ins and Outs of Classy Live, Here Are Our Best Practices: 

    1. Plan Ahead and Promote Your Event

    Like any successful event, planning is key. Start by setting clear objectives for your fundraiser and determining what goals you would like to meet, and surpass, through your event fundraising. Once your event is planned, leverage Classy Live’s promotional tools to generate excitement and drive attendance. Utilize email campaigns, social media posts, and personalized invitations to ensure your audience is aware of the event and ready to participate.

    2. Choose the Right Content and Format

    When utilizing Classy Live during your fundraiser event, consider what type of content will resonate best with your attendees. Whether it’s a live performance, guest speaker, or behind-the-scenes look at your organization’s work, choose programming that will captivate viewers and inspire them to support your cause. Then, select a Classy Live feature in a format that aligns with your goals, whether it’s a traditional broadcast, interactive Q&A session, or virtual auction.

    3. Showcase Transparency and Impact

    Transparency builds trust with attendees and reinforces their confidence in your organization. Leading up to and throughout the fundraiser event, be transparent about how donations will be used and the impact they will have on your mission. Combining sending updates through Classy Live and your organization’s social media is a great way to provide updates on fundraising progress and milestones reached in real-time. 

    4. Follow Up and Express Gratitude

    After your fundraiser concludes, don’t forget to follow up with attendees and express gratitude for their support. Use Classy Live’s communication tools to send personalized thank-you messages, share updates on the impact of their contributions, and invite them to future events. Building and nurturing relationships with your supporters is essential for long-term success.

    5. We’re Here to Support Every Step of the Way

    Lastly whether you have questions, last-minute changes, or unexpected challenges arise, our team is here to support you with professionalism and grace. When you hire Ace the Event for your day-of fundraising staff needs, you’re not just hiring a team – you’re partnering with a dedicated ally committed to helping you achieve your event’s goals. With our experience, professionalism, innovative approach, and unwavering support, Ace the Event is the perfect choice to elevate your next fundraising event to new heights.




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