Special Deals

We are running specials on equipment! Check below!

Day-of-Event Equipment Rental

We are happy to rent iPads and Credit Card Swipers to your organization individually,
or as a combo – depending on what you need!

Using iPads & swipers on-site at your event is one of the key factors that contribute to a smooth evening! It takes the pressure off of guests to enter their own credit card information, ensures that payment for live items are collected, and allows your team to move around freely without bulky laptops. If you’ve done this before, you know exaaactly what we’re talking about. If you’re new here – trust us!!

But when it comes to rentals – you shouldn’t have to break the bank, or get stuck renting equipment for multiple days when you only truly need it for one.   ~that’s where we come in~   We are happy to rent iPads and Swipers to your organization individually, or as a combo – depending on what you need! Then, on event day, your On-Site Manager will bring the requested equipment along with them…with the GiveSmart app pre-loaded and ready to go! At the end of the event – they will simply take the equipment back with them, saving you the headaches of shipping and extra charges!

Campaign Support

Need a little extra help with your site before Event Day? (Maybe there are too many items to upload, you’re having trouble creating volunteer users, or you need help with your displays…)
Our team can help get your site in tip-top shape! We have a few options of support for you:

– Admin Training (1 or 2 hours pre-event)
– Volunteer Training (1 hour pre-event)
– “We ACED It!” Package with an ACE Customer Success Manager
(Admin Call, Client Check In, Event Review, Debrief) 

Additional Event Day Staff

Hosting a large event and a bit overwhelmed? Not enough volunteers available and
 you need additional staff? Let us know! 

Not only can we provide event support; we can provide an Assistant On-Site Manager
 for over-the-top events with a large guest list!

Diamond Discounts & More!

We are excited to share our current Diamond Discounts and specials!

Are you a new client booking with us? Get 1 iPad & 1 Swiper to use for the night, at a discount!

Multiple events in the same year and want to reserve our service? 

Be sure to mention these during the booking process 🙂

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