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We are ACE the Event – which is exactly what we plan to help you do! Our outgoing squad of On-Site Event Managers and Support Staff are passionate about providing your organization with the in-person GiveSmart platform support you truly deserve.

As with any good partnership – it’s important to know and trust who you do business with. So, let’s get to know each other!

Ready for our elevator-pitch version? ~ *cue the music* ~

Although this crazy world continues to change by the day, our team’s commitment to serving organizations like yours is unwavering. We recognize the deep need clients have to connect with a leader who is by their side on event day – carrying the weight of platform management, supporting donors through bidding assistance, absorbing the pressures of volunteer supervision and more – all with ease, expertise and confident professionalism.

Our staff’s service-minded hearts make them your biggest cheerleaders. They will root for and celebrate alongside of you as you reach (& exceed!) your fundraising goals.

Ready to “ACE” your event? We’re ready to help!



Give us a little bit of info about your
upcoming event so we can create a custom package to support your organization. 


An experienced On-Site Manager
can make all the difference on event day.
Our team is ready to step in where it counts
so you can focus on your donors!


At Ace The Event, we treat our
clients like Kings & Queens!
We’re there to serve your team
so  your event can flourish!



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